SOLD to  SAM H.  in Atlanta, GA   –  This 2014 RANGE ROVER SPORT – SUPER CHARGED – AWD – Is a ONE Owner – Local Doctor bought new in 2014 –  Has been a Florida SUV it’s whole life, No snow or bad winters –  This is a One Owner – Non Smoker SUV – With it’s Glossy Metallic Gray finish over the Soft Leather Espresso/Almond Trimmed Interior makes for a Classy yet Sporty SUV –   Loaded with options as you would expect including the Panorama Sun Roof – special leather trim – Sport wheels – Factory Navigation – Heated Front and Rear Seats – the list goes on……….

This is a Very Special Range Rover –  we know that the CarFax shows a minor accident in 2016 Look closely,  CarFax and police report says ”  under $500 damage “ –  What the Doctors says he bumped the car in front of him at a red light, it was a light bumped, but it was reported. So No Real Damage…. Don’t even think the front bumper was painted… All paint looks original…..

I am selling this Range Rover for the Doctor, he has ordered a new Tesla and needs room at the house,  So this is your opportunity to buy the Right One !  Asking $29,500

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