SOLD to Rick A. in Atlanta GA: This is a ONE Owner 2014 BUICK ENCLAVE – PREMIUM Edition – with ONLY 62,000 from New !  With it’s Glossy Champagne Silver Metallic finish over the Base Ball Glove color Leather interior (Choccachino) makes for a Classy and a Striking SUV –  This SUV runs and drives smooth and quite with it’s Like New Yokohama matching tires (255/55R20 )  makes for a smooth great handling suv.  This is a LOADED up with all the options you would expect.

Sorry the pictures Don’t do it justice, looks much better in real life, the color is leaning towards the silver more and the interior is more softer and more High end Luxury in real life, don’t know why the camera pics came out this way.
It was just serviced back in March with new brake pads etc, and is scheduled for an oil change this week, so it will be ready to drive and enjoy for years to come.  has a small ding on the left front fender that is noted in the carfax, I am having the body shop look at it, I may just have them paint the molding around the wheel well.  The wheels and tires all look new !  Non Smoker One Owner – No odors very clean.
If you been looking for a Low mileage Buick Enclave this is it,  you won’t be disappointed.
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