2014 BENTLEY GT-S – CONV – LOW 16k miles

SOLD to Keith J. in St Louis MO  –  MSRP – $244 K   –  LIKE NEW –  This 2014 BENTLEY GT – S  –  V8 Twin Turbo is a One Owner – Lady Driven with Only 16,500 miles from new !  –  Loaded up – Car shows No signs of wear at all – this has to be one of the Nicest  Examples out there.  – NO PAINT WORK – NO ISSUES –
JUST SERVICED at the Orlando Bentley Dealership –  This is a Lady driven – Non smoker Bentley GT-S  –  Was bought New at the Orlando Bentley Dealership and Serviced there.  This is a No Paint work car – No issues – If your looking for the newest one out there, this is it.  Local Doctor bought new for his wife – was a 4th car.  All Books and ALL Keys !  Miles may vary a little, if the car is driven a few times a week – no more than 500 miles.
This Bentley is on consignment from my Doctor/friend, he has asked to help sell, this is a Pristine Bentley GT-S –  You won’t be disappointed…
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