SOLD to Dan K. in Chesterfield, MI  – BEST BUY  CARFAX VALUE $16,850 –  SAVE $$$   on  This 2013 LINCOLN MKX – FWD –  LOW 57k  Miles from new – CLEAN CARFAX on this 2 owner Florida SUV –  CarFax shows No issues –  VERY CLEAN –  This MKX is LOADED with all the LINCOLN LUXURY OPTIONS –  From the GLOSSY SILVER METTALIC FINISH over the Soft Plush Leather Interior.

All this LUXURY sits on a Very Nice Set of tires with the Sport Wheels, all looks great, no issues.  Runs and drives excellent, you would be proud to drive this MKX anywhere.
Some LUXURY Options to include the Front heated and AC seats – Rear Seats have heated option, Blue Tooth Connections – Keyless Start Feature – Power Open and Close rear Hatch- Sunroof is sticking, not sure, having it checked out.  Super Stereo System in it, sounds awesome – Many other options that come with the Lincoln MKX.
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