2008 JAGUAR S – TYPE 3.0 L

” JUST SOLD ”  – 2008 JAGUAR  S-TYPE  3.0L   SORRY –   This is a One Owner – Certified Clean Auto Check – Certified Clean CarFax – This Low 62k Mileage Jaguar with it’s Porcelain White Finish with the soft Champagne Leather Interior is the Perfect Combination.  Have Original window Sticker, New MSRP $52,050. This Jaguar has all the Luxury Options you would expect, Plus Front Park Control – Factory NAVIGATION & Bluetooth.

This Jaguar came in with paint work on the left side, that I am not happy with, some fish eyes in some areas.  This along with some scraps etc and a few small dings is why I am selling this Jaguar S at a deep discount.  This Jaguar S-Type would normally sell in the $12,000 range for the One Owner , Low Miles and Color Combination.  Runs & Drives Excellent, just went through the service dept, full tune up with new coils, plugs wires etc.   So look at all the pictures, if you can accept the paint work on the left side, and some minor flaws, this is a Real Deal for you…  Interior is average for this year car, No odors or smells, clean and fresh.

Car is on Ebay and expect it to sell within a week at the discounted price..



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