SOLD TO:   Clyde A. in Edison NJ  –  on This 2007 LINCOLN MKX  -FWD –  With Only 61k Miles from new,  comes with a Clean CarFax and Clean Auto Check – NO Accidents – No issues –  Looks Like All Original Paint  –  This Pear White almost flawless finish over the Soft Tan & Taupe accent interior makes it one of the most desirable color combinations out there  –  Then add all the Luxury Options, Like the Factory Navigation – Front Heated Seats – Front Air Cooled Seats – The Dual Pano Sun Roof front and rear – Polished Chrome wheels of the nice set of tires  –  This MKX is Loaded with the Right Colors and Right Equipment, it has been a Florida SUV it’s whole life.   CarFax  Value is $11,300

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