SOLD to Raymond H. in Boynton Beach Fl – * MSRP $92,900 +-   ASKING ONLY $21,900   ”  BEST BUY ” on Ebay for a Quality LOW mile  SL500 – This is an EXCEPTIONAL  – MERCEDES SL500 –  With ONLY 37,900 Miles from new !  Has a Certified CarFax – Showing Only 2 owners and No accidents and No issues –  With it’s Glossy Black finish over the plush Charcoal Leather interior with the black trim makes for a Classy & Sporty SL500 –  This is a Non-smoker car, No odors –  Has all the Luxury options you would expect with an SL including an Upgraded Stereo System with a large touch screen feature –  Woodgrain Steering wheel –

This SL comes with Like New tires all around, this gives SL a smooth and quite ride and with 5.0 V8 it has all the performance you would expect.  Look at all this pictures  –  You can see that even the under carriage is clean –
Pictures were taken before detailed, once sold I will have it detailed to be fresh for you.
ASKING WAY BELOW the market Value . CARFAX VALUE  !  Don’t miss this one !  – MSRP: $92,900  
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