2006 MERCEDES CLS500 – AMG Trim package

SOLD to Brett D. in Daytona Beach, FL  –  This  MERCEDES CLS500 –  AMG – Trim Package – Is just an AWESOME car – with its Glossy Metallic Black finish over the Tan Leather Interior makes this a Very Striking CLS –  LOW miles – CLEAN CARFAX – Showing No issues – No accidents – You can tell this car has been babied it’s entire life –  shows very little signs of wear anywhere.   This is a Non-smoker car, No odors – No signs of wear .
Loaded with all the Mercedes Options you would expect –  some to include –  Heated and AC Cooled seats – NAVIGATION System – Satellite Radio – Glass Sun Roof – Rear AC  & Heat – Push Button Gear Shift Start  –  Retrackable Rear Window Shade – and the list goes on…..
Once you drive this Beauty you will be hooked – Just a pleasure to drive, handles and performs and looks Awesome….  Just a Lot of car for the money !
If you have been waiting for the right one to come along, This is it..
I have taken many pictures, with the Glossy Black finish, it reflects everything around it, so it’s tough, but to clear things up, there are NO dents or waves in the body and paint, it’s a reflection – only small issue is front bumper, down low on the passenger side, small crack, someone probably hit a parking curb, not worth fixing.
IMG_6131 IMG_6129 IMG_6128 IMG_6127 IMG_6124 IMG_6123 IMG_6122 IMG_6121 IMG_6120 IMG_6119 IMG_6118 IMG_6117 IMG_6116 IMG_6115 IMG_6114 IMG_6113 IMG_6112 IMG_6111 IMG_6108 IMG_6107 IMG_6105 IMG_6104 IMG_6103 IMG_6102 IMG_6101 IMG_6100 IMG_6098 IMG_6097 IMG_6096 IMG_6095 IMG_6094 IMG_6093 IMG_6092 IMG_6091 IMG_6090 IMG_6089 IMG_6088 IMG_6087 IMG_6086 IMG_6085 IMG_6084 IMG_6083 IMG_6082 IMG_6081 IMG_6080 IMG_6079 IMG_6078 IMG_6077 IMG_6076 IMG_6075 IMG_6071 IMG_6070 IMG_6069 IMG_6068 IMG_6067 IMG_6066 IMG_6065 IMG_6064 IMG_6063 IMG_6062 IMG_6061 IMG_6060 IMG_6059 IMG_6058 IMG_6057 IMG_6056 IMG_6055 IMG_6054 IMG_6053 IMG_6052 IMG_6051 IMG_6050 IMG_6049 IMG_6048 IMG_6047 IMG_6046 IMG_6045 IMG_6044 IMG_6043 IMG_6042 IMG_6041 IMG_6040 IMG_6039 IMG_6038 IMG_6037 IMG_6036 IMG_6035 IMG_6034 IMG_6033 IMG_6032 IMG_6031 IMG_6030 IMG_6029 IMG_6028 IMG_6027 IMG_6026 IMG_6024 IMG_6023 IMG_6022 IMG_6021 IMG_6020 IMG_6015 IMG_6010 IMG_6007 IMG_6006 IMG_6005 IMG_6004 IMG_6003 IMG_6002 IMG_6001 IMG_6000 IMG_5999 IMG_5998 IMG_5997 IMG_5996 Scan_0009 Scan_0008 Scan_0007 Scan_0006 Scan_0005 Scan_0004 Scan_0003 Scan_0002 Scan_0001