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SOLD TO KEITH & in Fullerton, CA  –  This 2006  JAGUAR  XJ8-L  – Asking $13,500 for this  NEAR MINT CONDITION inside and out, makes this an awesome  Jag. to own.   From it’s Glossy SeaFrost Metallic finish over the Soft Plush Tan Leather interior, gives the feel and smell of a Leather that Jaguar can offer.  This near mint Jag with the L Model  option gives the extra leg room in the rear.  This Jaguar runs and drives 100% like a dream, strong and quite.  This SeaFrost Metallic with the Soft Tan Leather is a very desirable  combination and being Low miles and near mint condition is rare.

Don’t miss Low Mile – Certified Clean CarFax with No accidents and pampered since new Jaguar, these are getting harder and harder to find.

Jaguar is at my condo in a protected garage, live in Daytona Beach Shores, But can help arrange shipping anywhere.

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