SOLD TO  BOB / aka Santa Piegon Forge, TN  –  LOW 65k Miles on this Near Mint condition Jaguar.  ONLY 2 owners that have driven this Jag approx 5,000 miles / year.  Has A CERTIFIED CLEAN CARFAX – No Accidents on this Non-smoker Jag.  The Glossy Red Metallic finish looks All Original, no signs of paint work that I see.  That Glossy finish over the Soft Tan Leather that Jaguar is known for, all this  makes a dramatic appearance where ever you go.

Everything works as should, runs and drives like a dream, quiet and strong.  These Low Mileage XJ8 Models are in strong demand, owners are holding on to these models.  Not in favor of the newer style.

I am a semi retired dealer and the car is at my condo in Daytona Beach Shores. Miles may vary a little as we may drive the car a few times a week.  Locals are welcome to come and see, out of state buyers I will gladly send more details if you need before bidding.

IMG_9010 IMG_9012 IMG_9013


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