2003 MERCEDES SL 500 Only 53k miles

SOLD TO MARK & BETTINA L.  in Fair Oaks, TX –  2003  MERCEDES  SL500 –  Low – Low 54k miles on the Certified Clean CarFax Mercedes.  It’s excellent condition Glossy Aegean Blue Metallic paint finish is a favorite over the Ash Leather seats and trim.  This SL is exceptional for the year, it’s a non smoker car, no odors, and clean.  Fully loaded with the Mercedes Luxury options, Plus  Factory Navigation (cd missing) and with it’s Bose Stereo system, makes this a dream to drive.  Has the AMG wheels, some have some road rash, not terrible, and small light ding in the right rear quarter, an easy fix for the dent wizard.  Everything seems to work as it should.  Going in this week for an oil change and a little spiff on the detail.  Will be ready for your enjoyment..


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