SOLD to Jim Z.  in Hiram, Ohio –  This JAGUAR XK8-R –  SUPERCHARGED EDITION – has Only 45,250 Miles from New !  This was a pampered Jag from day one as you can see – With it Glossy Titanium Pear Finish over the Soft Plush Tan Leather makes this XK8-R a Very Striking Jaguar. You would be Proud to take this Jag anywhere, it’s a Excellent example of what the Jaguar XK8-R stands for.  Style and Performance all in one GT convertible – It has No odors – Clean through out – even the headliner is clean –

Comes with a Certified Clean CarFax showing No Accidents – No Issues and 32 service records on file – the car was a California car then a Florida car it’s whole life – No hard winters for this one !
Runs and drives like a dream, everything seems to work as it should – the AC blows cold, all windows and other items all seem to work properly – the One Button Top works properly –
Comes with the Certified Clean CarFax – All Books – 2 sets of Original Keys with remotes – the Boot Cover in the trunk so when the top is down it completes the sleek look.
Jag is scheduled for my Jaguar mechanic to replace the strut bushings next week, other than that, nothing else needs attention.
This is one of the Nicest XK8-R that I have come across – Great Color Combo – LOW 45 Miles  and condition that supports the mileage – Overall a great XK8-R.
If your in the market for one of these, you have noticed that the prices are climbing, this is one that is worth the price ! Don’t miss this one !
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