1994 PORSCHE 928 – GTS

SOLD  to  Art J. in Lakewood Ranch, FL   –  This PORSCHE 928- GTS –  is a Rare & Very Special car  –  Asking $79,500  –   If you are searching for a Porsche 928 GTS  this is it !   This is a 3 Owner – Non Smoker – With All records since New ! and the Factory Original Window Sticker…..

Every system has been renewed or replaced within the last 3 years, spending in excess of $75,000 to bring this to a ” Pristine Example ”  The car runs and drives better than when it left the showroom.

This  GTS – Is the Perfect Example of a Porsche that should only appreciate in value !

Don’t miss this one… hard to find this Quality and condition with a Great Color Combo of the Midnight Blue over the Classic Grey Leather Interior.  It is Highly recommend that you drive a stock 928 GTS to really appreciate the Quality and Performance of this one !

**  Mileage as listed represents the miles driven since the car was completely redone.  Actual miles is 269k – You will see the list of upgrades, why this car drives like a 27k mile car – Spent of $75,000 in making it the most Perfect Example of what a GTS should be.

I am helping the seller with selling his car, he purchased a Bentley GT from me, he is a quality person to deal with, I am sure he will do the best to make this happen for you. Car is located in California.

This 1994   PORSCHE  GTS –  Is a One of a Kind GTS –  Owner has Spent over $75,000 in the Last 3 Years on making this One of the Best Examples of a Porsche GTS out there Period !

This GTS has been modified and tastefully customized to create the 928 – GTS – that Porsche would have built, if it wasn’t for the bean counters at Porsche.
Here is a partial list of this Very Special GTS :
Seller Comments


Custom 6.2 litre stroked and blueprinted engine by Precision Motorwerks with 27K miles. 450 HP. Top speed of 190 mph (est.)
Custom engine intake
New 4-speed automatic transmission by Precision Motorweks

Upgraded HVAC
Front and rear air conditioning blows ice cold.
New custom leather interior
8-way power seats driver and pax with memory
Custom suede lined leather center armrest storage.
Custom leather steering wheel
Custom matching leather shifter
Custom matching leather shift boot
Custom brushed aluminum shift plate
New windshield
Remote locking/unlocking system on doors and rear hatch
One touch windows down upgrade
Two lighted key head keys plus valet key and extra key head
New ceramic tint all windows and rear hatch
Full paint ceramic coated with lifetime guarantee by Ceramic Pro
Upgraded LED instrument cluster lighting
Custom door sill insignia lighting
10 speaker Boston Acoustics sound system
New 100 watt 5.1 amplifier
Modern Bluetooth Alpine CD head unit with USB input and phone mic
8 inch custom subwoofer insert
150 dB train horn
Custom front clear corner and side lenses
Upgraded 150W Sylvania lights
Custom carbon fiber engine cross brace
Custom diamond floor covers
Porsche floor mats
Custom hatch carpet
Custom leather hatch cover
Complete original tool kit
All new Boge Sport suspension with new control arms and all new suspension parts by Precision Motorwerks
996 Carrera lightweight 18″ staggered wheels
Painted crest center caps
Coloured crest valve stem caps
New unidirectional Z-rated tires 245 front, 295 rear
Custom exhaust with rear muffler bypass
New brake rotors and Metal Master brake pads
Custom skid plates protect the oil cooler and belly pan

Every system has been renewed or replaced within the last 3 years, spending over $75,000 to bring this Pristine Example to the condition it is today.  The car drives and operates better today then when it left the showroom.

Don’t miss this one….hard to find this Quality and condition with the Great Color Combination of the Glossy Midnight Metallic Blue finish over the Classic Gray Leather Interior.   We highly recommend that you drive a stock 928 GTS before buying this one,  this will be the Only way you will appreciate the power and performance of the Very Unique GTS.

You will see that the miles are at 27,000 miles, this is since it has been totally redone, the original car is 269k  But Drives and Handles as a 27,000 mile car should.  As mentioned everything has been redone within the last 3 years, this has to be one of the Best Examples of a Porsche 928 – GTS  out there !  Over $75,000 spent !

Note:  Porsche is located in Encinitas, CA  just north of San Diego – Shipping can be arranged anywhere in the world.  I am helping the 3rd owner in selling his Porsche, Only reason he is selling is that he just purchased a Bentley GT from me last month.  Very professional person and easy to work with.  If you have an interest in this car, we will do our best to make it happen for you.

Please reach out to me for any questions .  In my professional opinion this car will Only increase in Value, I could see this being a $100k car very soon…. Look around !

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